How it works


1.Choose a date 

2.Choose a start time

3.Provide venue contact details 

4. We’ll take care of the rest


So this is not your traditional photo booth...we’ve deconstructed it in fact and it's instant fun. 


You are not crammed in a small box or behind a poky tent. 

The Motion Booth is an open air set just like a modelling shoot in a studio with a booth attendant present to help guide your guests on what to do.


The beauty about Motion Booth is that its self-triggered and controlled by your guests via a remote control. It fires the camera and the professional flashes, so it's instant!


That means there is no delay or count down and no queues just lots of room to strike a pose and even bust out a dance move or two!


All your guests have to worry about is dressing up with our colourful props and have some fun and let their alter egos shine through.


The process.

Once you’ve secured your booking with us, we’ll take care of all the details - you’ve got enough on your plate!


We’ll contact the venue for you and deal with all the pesky stuff like bump in times.


We’ll arrange bump in and bump out times with the venue so we’ll be all setup and ready to go once your events starts. 


At the end of your event we compile all the images into an animated stop motion video and put it to music. Our typical turnaround time is 3-4 days post your event date. 


Once it's ready we’ll post it onto the website for you to share on social or email to friends and family. We’ll also upload the majority of the individual still photos into a separate gallery that are also available to be shared online.


Check out our latest Motion Booth videos in our Clips sections and see Motion Booth fun in action.

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